Blessed are the weird people, the poets and misfits, the artists & writers , the music makers, dreamers and outsiders for they force us to see the world differently.


I'm Charlotte,  a textile artist working from my studio "The Potting shed"  in the beautiful Eden valley, Cumbria.  Entirely self taught, I make images using home grown hand processed wool from our farm and the surrounding area. 

 My location greatly influences my subject matter, living on a farm I take inspiration from the shapes and colours in the stunning scenery around me.

 I have a love of the entire process from the raw fleece up to the finished product,  the technique I use is needle felting where images are created with a small barbed needle that entangles two layers of fibre together creating a bond.

While I mainly work to commission, I also take great pleasure in allowing my creative wings to spread when i get the chance and love exploring the human form and a slightly more abstract view.

I have been farming for 10 years and needle felting for 8,  there is something poetic about using the materials grown in the fields from my brother-in-laws Herdwick sheep processing them and eventually creating pictures from something that would have otherwise been a waste product.

I have always been drawn to wool by its tactile forgiving nature and flexibility as an artistic meduim.



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