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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I will keep it simple here is a list of all artists and contact details from the 2019 and 2020 HIWTAI series.

Episode one

Andy Burgess

Sally Toms

Kate O’Brien

Episode two

Teresa Wells

Ed Swarez

Roger Davies

Episode 3

Nick Coley

Jo Allsop

Patricia Lee

Episode 4

charlotte Ashley

Thuline De Cock

Andy Levy

Episode 5

Clare Bigger

Simon O’Rourke

Karen McSkimming

Episode 6

Christopher Townsend

Sarah Cross

Adelle Gough

Episode 7 Luciana Hermida

Celia Burbush

Will Rea

Episode 8 Amy Coney

David O'Brien

Fanny Gogh

Episode 9 Andrea Hunter

Amber Bailey

Ben Melton

Bee Weir

Episode 10

Mark Hamilton -

Maddy Howard?

Karl Macauley -

Episode 11

Deborah Moses -

Graham Thew -

Steve blaylock -

Episode 12

Maisie Baker -

Jane Austin -

Giles Davies -

Episode 13

Robin Ross -

Meha Hindocha -

Amanda Godden -

Episode 14

Paul Dunkerley. -

Lucie Ann Trickett -

Charlotte Newson -

Episode 15

Emma Wood -

Jane Richmond -

Andrew Vickers -


Episode one

Michael John Crook -

Cabby Luxford-

Ann Pollard -

Episode Two

Dawn Conn -

Vicki Griggs -

Steven Ritchie -