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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Here is a list of all artists and contact details from the 2019 HIWTAI series.

Episode one

Andy Burgess

Sally Toms

Kate O’Brien

Episode two

Teresa Wells

Ed Swarez

Roger Davies

Episode 3

Nick Coley

Jo Allsop

Patricia Lee

Episode 4

charlotte Ashley

Thuline De Cock

Andy Levy

Episode 5

Clare Bigger

Simon O’Rourke

Karen McSkimming

Episode 6

Christopher Townsend

Sarah Cross

Adelle Gough

Episode 7 Luciana Hermida

Celia Burbush

Will Rea

Episode 8 Amy Coney

David O'Brien

Fanny Gogh

Episode 9 Andrea Hunter

Amber Bailey

Ben Melton

Bee Weir

Episode 10

Mark Hamilton -

Maddy Howard?

Karl Macauley -

Episode 11

Deborah Moses -

Graham Thew -

Steve blaylock -

Episode 12

Maisie Baker -

Jane Austin -

Giles Davies -



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